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Join LiveCommerce’s merchant marketplace. Let your products be discovered by other Livestreamers to resell. or simply launch your own FB & IG liveshows to your social followers

Livestream e-commerce is the social sales channel that every brand and retailer must adopt to engage and reach new customers”

Why Join The Wave Of Livecommerce?

Create a new social sale’s channel to reach your customers and engage them. Live Commerce is a multi billion opportunity and customers are adopting via live streaming to purchase products and services.

All retailers, brand owners , the time is now !!! Sign up and our consultants will guide you through on starting live selling on FB/IG Live

How It Works?

1. Upload Products and Create Storefront

Sign up as a brand merchant and start by by uploading your products and pricing catalogs to be listed in our B2B marketplace to be resold by live streamers. Or , simply start hosting your live selling shows in your retail shop

2. Connect With Live Streamers

Ability to browse catalogs of livestreamers to invite them to Livestream to resell your brands products and service. Invite other live streamers, influencers or KOLs with their own social following  in our streamer marketplace to start selling your products or simply start your own live selling shows on your own using our platform.

3. Create dedicated Live Selling channel to increase sales.

Send us product samples and LiveCommerce will coordinate to launch the FB/IG live shows with influencers/KOLs and live channels. We handle all operations , payments, orders fulfilment post the live shows for you. You simply get paid for products sold by our platform without upront fixed marketing fees

Why join Livecommerce Merchant marketplace?

Easy and Hassle free

Live commerce will manage and coordinate all live selling shows and handle end to end operations, payments and reporting, simply send us your product samples, offer great product bundles and offers, and we will work our livestreamers to sell your products to increase sales for your brand

Value Added Services

If you like LiveCommerce to operate and manage your brand’s Facebook or Instagram with dedicated live selling shows weekly. Or if you would like to engage the live streamers to market your products and launch livestreaming shows for product launches, talk shows, please contact us. 

No upfront marketing costs. Pay for performance

Our marketplace allows you to build a Pay for performance marketing sales channel. We only get paid when products and services are sold with no upfront fees. Simply list your products and provide and determine the commissions to be paid to LiveCommerce platform for products sold. We will share the platform fees with live streamers. We will pay you 14 days upon fulfilling all sales orders.