Core Platform Features

Livecommerce platform for merchants and live streamers to launch FB & IG Live shows in 10minutes. Eliminate manual orders taking & payments . We streamline and automate to make lIvecommerce easy and convenient

Manage inventory live

Merchants Upload or Live streamers Select products or services you plan to sell . Codes are generated for each product. Users will order using comment plus (AB+1, AB+2) ordering OR credit card check out links tied to each product showcased on your live stream across different social Live platforms. Livestreamers will be able to see inventory updated live in our platform, and manage your live stream based on what stock is available or sold out.

Manage Orders and Fullfillment

All orders through credit card, QR pay or comments Plus + 1 + 2 ordering on FB &IG, are captured. Merchants and LIve streamers can review each order , payment status and plan fulfilment these orders in our centralised back end

Automated Payments processing

We generate unique codes for each product your are selling during the show that  and offer automated payment capture on Facebook & IG LIVE using comments plus ordering (code +1 or +2) as well as QR PAYNOW as well as credit card check out links as options and update successful payment status automatically

( Note: Our platform will charge a flat payment gatway fee of 3.5% for credit card, 1.2% for QR pay for using our software, BUT if you list or re-sell products sourced in our marketplace , these orders will not be charged any payment gateway fees)

Selecting the right products to sell to your social followers

Select the right products in our merchant marketplace to resell your followers based on filtered interests, age groups, demographics

Manage all customer comments , live orders , private chats in your streams centrally via our Livecommerce platform

Our platform allows u to reply to every single customer comment on FB and IG , add orders to customer cart, customer details when you are operating your live stream in a centralised message center

Weekly payments and sales & Commission reports

We will make weekly payment to our merchants for products sold as well as commissions to be paid to live streamers within 14 days of order fulfilment . Simply link your bank details in your merchant or streamer account , you can withdraw and get paid for all online live sales after orders are fulfilled into your bank account directly

Launch livestreams Within 5 Minutes!

 Ability to launch Facebook or Instagram Livestreams ( or other social channels like Youtube, Tiktok or twitch) on Livecommerce platform within 5 minutes to start liveselling . Select products from either our merchants’ marketplaces or simply upload your own products.

Automated Order Codes & Payment Links

Create Order Order codes and Payment links for credit card check out for reselling across all social platforms. This simplifies customer buying experience and allows for orders from customers re watching the video pto capture more orders post stream.

Merchants can expand their sales channels by inviting our livestreamers to resell their products in our livestreamer marketplace

Select Livestreamers in our platform that suits your brands target customer profile. You can filter various live selling channels based on their followers interests, age, demographics that matches your brands target market and organise weekly live selling to create consistent sales making social live selling a new sales channel for your brand.

Create bundle offers

Brands and merchants can create special product bundles and offers when listing their product to increase cross selling and up-selling opportunities and offer to customers a simple way to purchase and increase average order value and perceived discounts

 All we ask : Platform payment gateway fees

If u are just using our software, we will not charge monthly user licenese fees other than charging 3.5% payment gateway fee for credit card orders and 1.2% for automated QR payments and Pay now. For MERCHANTS who list their products for live streamers to resell, for such orders, you will not be charged additional payment gateway fees other than platform commission fees agreed with Livecommerce