Instagram LIVE

Sell Through Instagram

We allow customers to bypass Instagram’s checkout limitations with comments based ordering and direct credit card check out links set to customers messenger to allow direct conversions to sales.

Make sales when customers respond with various product codes like AB+ 1 in the IG messenger directly on images, videos, and stories.

Shoppers can add to cart and checkout seamlessly – no registration required

Capture more than likes & comments

Allow customers to discover and purchase your products directly through shoppable posts, and IG Live video, boosting your organic engagement, influence, and overall reach.

Sell more with a variety of content

LiveCommerce lets you sell through all types of content so you can always keep your posts and news feeds engaging & interesting.

Step 1: Watch our daily Livestreams on IG Live of various brands. To place orders while watching IG Live please use Comments + ordering in IG Live (example AB + 1) provided by Livestreamer OR you can send specific credit card check out URL links tied to each product for customers to click to place an order and lead you directly to step 4.

Step 2 : Cart : You will receive a message from us in your IG messenger for you to add to your cart the items you have ordered. You will be prompted you to click Check-out and Click Continue . Note : You can keep products in your cart to accumulate if you are watching the stream and check out all items together at the same time at the end of live show

Step 3: Continue: Upon clicking Continue, you will be led to a pop up page in your browser and asked to confirm your product you have ordered and select Payment method (Credit card, QR pay or PayNow)

Step 4 : Click next and you will be asked to enter your delivery information , email and mobile and then asked to proceed to check out

Step 5: Enter payment details and and Place order. Your order is placed and you will get a order confirmation message in your FB and IG messenger and email confirmation . Wait for 3-4 weeks for courier delivery

Sell More Work Less

Livecommerce all-in-one platform gives you the tools to grow your business.