Our Story

LiveCommerce Entertainment was founded on a simple belief that we can build a B2B marketplace platform connecting brands and live streamers that will empower Live commerce in Asia

This is our belief……

The founding of Livecommerce.live really started with our founders experimenting with live selling on FBLive of various products and services. The were amazed that customers enjoyed the exciting shopping experience.

How It Began?

In 2020, COVID 19 hit, and many retailers were badly affected. With lock downs all across asia, people were had to stay hom . Live selling on FB/IG became a new way for people to stay engaged and entertained as they tuned in to Liveselling shows and connected and bonded with other viewers and hosts of the liveshows. Our founders knew that there had to be great content and a brand story for every Liveselling channel and worked hand in hand with key anchor hosts to create engaged audiences.

“We saw core problems that brands and live streamers faced in adopting or launching Liveselling on social channels. We decided to build a marketplace platform to connect livestreamers and brands so as to make a bigger impact to this industry .”

Co Founder: Jacob

“We realized the common pain points that livestreamers faced in manual order taking, sourcing products , handling operations, managing inventory, marketing & payments. We knew we could help empower them to be more successful.”

Co-Founder: Tommy

Live streamer marketplace for KOL & Influencers

Product and Merchants marketplace

Livecommerce’s software platform & Support services

Armed with an array of operating expertise to manage Live streaming, start up Liveselling channels, e-commerce operations, marketing, as well as connection with brands, we decided to take the leap of faith to start up in 2021 and launch LiveCommerce. Our vision is to connect thousands of brands with millions of live sellers all over Asia to excite and entertain customers, driving this new wave of social commerce.